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The mission of Surrendered Healing is to create a world that sees and values the inherent gifts of Women of Color. We do this by supporting Women of Color in leading lives and businesses that are guided by their intuition. In doing so we embrace our lineage of powerful ancestors and ensure that the future is a place for our descendants to thrive!


Intuition and Surrender

In a society where we are often taught to discredit our intuition, we believe it’s even more critical that we as Women of Color embrace our inner knowing! We surrender our ego and let our intuition guide us in everything we do, allowing abundance and love to flow through us. 


As Women of Color, we’ve had to code-switch our entire lives forcing us to cut off the parts of us that make us unique and are connected to our calling. Surrendered Healing believes that each woman’s entire story is important and that it’s essential that we are our whole, authentic selves. 

Social Justice and Love






We know that each person’s ultimate calling is inherently connected to the liberation of all people. 

Giving is a part of receiving. We believe in giving as an essential aspect of all business and life. We believe that giving back through our time and treasure is a fundamental and natural part of beingness. 

We lift each other up, celebrate one another’s wins, knowing that when one Woman of Color wins, we all do! In community we cry, in community we thrive! 

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Visioning as an act of revolution

For hundreds and even thousands of years people from underrepresented identities have been forced to see their dreams as impossible and have even been violently punished for dreaming and fighting for lives they would love. As such, we believe that visioning is an act of revolution within the self and within the world! 


We love having fun and know that life itself is meant to be enjoyed!

We know that we as Women of Color have all that we need to heal inside of us and our community!

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  Hundreds of years of oppression has forced Women of Color to dim our light and cut off our power and as a result the world is in chaos! We at Surrendered Healing are committed to supporting Women of Color in reconnecting with our inherent gifts because we deserve to live fully embodied and our descendants deserve a healed world!

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Moths represents the legacy of our ancestors. The indelible and peaceful creature stands as a reminder of all that has been passed down from those who came before us. It is a celebration of life.


Let us never forget that “we are the continuation of our ancestors”

- Thich Nhat Hanh

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