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Stop Hustling and Start Flowing

Too often leadership and entrepreneurship classes say we have to grind and be aggressive to be successful. But as women of color, this approach doesn’t feel right. After too many stories of low productivity and burnout, we know why.


The hustle isn’t for us. You can still have a successful business, but what if it requires that you do things like meditate, practice forgiveness and rest? 


In the "Stop Hustling and Start Flowing" talk, you'll learn an alternative that includes:

  • The three focus areas to building a life-giving business

  • How to listen intuitively for solutions to any business challenges you’re facing

  • Nine principles to move in flow instead of push energy, and so much more!

Visioning Liberation

Throughout history to present day, Black & Indigenous women and Women of Color have been socialized to care for others before ourselves and put our dreams on the back-burner. It is time to reframe this narrative, re-center BIWOC, and recognize that our personal, individual dreams are part of our collective liberation, not separate. Every social movement started with an idea wrought from the beauty and power of imagination. Like Grace Lee Boggs said “In order to transform the world, we must transform ourselves.”

In this talk, you'll learn: 

  • Two essential keys for aligning with your Higher-self

  • A 5-point test for determining whether your dream is in fact your calling

  • The 1 critical thing you must give up in order to fully align with your calling

Step Into Your Heritage of Rest and Resilience

Remembering the strength of past ancestors has become a reliable source of power for women of color. But there is another piece to our heritage that is ready to be claimed: rest. Today’s world and that of our future descendants are ready for the kind of breakthrough only possible when we move from a place of restfulness.


In this talk, we offer tools that honor the full range of our inherited gifts so that you can: 

  • Reconnect with your Truest Self 

  • Recommit to your unique calling

  • Receive clear next steps to realize this calling during our lifetime

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"Adelina’s workshop took a virtual room full of strangers and made it a safe, comfortable, and engaging place to explore as a group and as individuals."

- Carmina R.


"She is an intentional healer with a community-based lens, emphasizing the power of faith to initiate the drive to want to do good in this world."

- Ruth Christine D., LMFT 


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"If you have the opportunity to bring Adelina Tancioco as a speaker to your organization, I highly recommend you do it! Adelina is a heart-centered and authentic professional speaker.
Adelina has spoken multiple times at our professional training in front of hundreds of people and each time receives a standing ovation!
Adelina will uplift, inspire, and move your community. From a workshop leader to a keynote speaker we highly recommend Adelina!"

Jennifer J.  CIO Life Soulutions That Work LLC & Trainer for Life Mastery Institute

"Adelina is a warm, attentive and intuitive speaker who is focused on listening first so she can identify the unique needs of each participant. We “know” we should practice self-care, but it’s too easy to get distracted, caught up and bewildered as to how to start. She provides us with the tools to further their self-care in ways that are concrete, actionable and therefore useful. We recommend her for facilitating groups as well as working with individuals who face significant challenges. With values rooted in social justice, Adelina blends ancestral wisdom from that of her own life lessons with open-mindedness so that we are empowered and resilient."

Chris C. Filipino Advocates for Justice

"I knew Adelina was a perfect fit for my Women’s Wellness Conference from the moment we first spoke.
Her powerful and genuine energy was felt by my guests immediately. Adelina was engaging and dynamic.
​She captivated the audience with her personal story and her empowering strategies to help them make impactful change in their lives."

Wendy B. | Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Founder of Well Balanced with Wendy

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Adelina is one of the most brilliant speakers and trainers I’ve met. She is very dynamic and helps you see and get past your limiting beliefs. Adelina will ask you very thought provoking questions so she can help you articulate your ultimate purpose and calling. She can help you map out your wildest dreams and help you get past through your toughest days. She is energetic and warm and she makes it easy for you to open up to her. Adelina cares for humanity and it shows in all of her actions. My team and I have worked with her on different projects and she has delivered above and beyond. We ask for a tree and she gives us a forest! Adelina is a warrior!

Grace D. | Board Director, With Grace Foundation

Check out what attendees have to say...

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Adelina Tancioco, MSW, is trained as a mental health & restorative justice practitioner, and certified coach & consultant, however, she most identifies with being a vessel of healing. She has intuitive gifts that have been passed down in her family for generations. She has spent more than half of her life learning from her ancestors and God about how to connect with those who have passed, those who are alive and in pain, and most importantly our own inner knowing. As the founder of Surrendered Healing, she specializes in serving Women of Color who question their inherent deservingness and helps them trust their higher selves to create the abundant businesses and lives they truly deserve!

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