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Check out what our amazing clients have to say!

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Katherine Nasol

"Working with Adelina has been transformative and truly a godsend. I have become aware of the abundance in my life and manifested $1 million dollars for a center I helped create!  Surrendered Healing has made me feel and find joy even in moments of grief and loss."

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Hannah Lee

"Since working with Surrendered Healing I have had many small and big wins! I am the healthiest and have even committed to exercising on a regular basis while also allowing my body to rest. I am grateful to now be part of a church that aligns with values! "

Hannah Divino

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"Since working with Surrendered Healing I manifested a raise and an abundance of income! My prayers were answered when I became a Holistic Health Director and launched Healing Pilipinx Uplifting Self & Others (P.U.S.O.), a program aimed to normalize mental health struggles through storytelling and increase holistic health and healing opportunities."

Tiffany Hoang
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Kristine A

Esmeralda Santos

"With Surrendered Healing, I learned to be intentional and really take ownership of my life and manifest a life of abundance."

Jeannie Celestial

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"I had always been curious about coaching. I chose to work with Adelina due to her authenticity and focus on empowering Women of Color. I appreciate how she helps clients tap into their inherent worth and talents while incorporating ancestral wisdom, intuition, and spirituality. My work with Surrendered Healing helped lead me to a divinely-appointed team of authors; together, we birthed The Filipino Instant Pot Cookbook, which has become a bestseller! I’m grateful to Adelina for fostering more courage and audacity I needed to share my gifts with the world."

Christine Start

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"Since Surrendered Healing, money hasn't been an issue and I've been tithing as a regular practice. I am able to maintain the same lifestyle supporting orgs and causes I care about with ease. Questioning my calling around my purpose is virtually non-existent these days."

"Since working with Surrendered Healing I met someone who aligns with my life values, but also wants to create a loving, communicative partnership with me. We are fulfilling so many parts of my Vision, and there is still more to come. Our journey has just started! "

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Christine Nasol

StacyannForrester - Stacyann Forrester.png

"Before working with Surrendered Healing, I made the decision in May 2021 to become a digital nomad and wanted to strengthen my self-belief and faith as I prepared for a new way of life. Since working with Surrendered Healing, I've committed to having greater self-belief and a stronger bond with the Universe. I know spirit always has my back."



Vanuyen Pham

"I LEARNED TO BE REALLY GRATEFUL AND PRACTICE GRATITUDE... feeling really grateful for the amount that i have instead of looking from a

mindset of scarcity"

Jenny Wun
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Camille Aragon

Since working with Surrendered Healing my business is growing and I’ve launched my high ticket offer twice since signing up for coaching. I met and fell in love with someone who wants to co manifest our dream life together. I feel more connected to and guided by spirit/ancestors in honoring my time and freedom to receive and rest!

Michelle Dionisio

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Since working with Surrendered Healing I have been able to shift my mindset with my relationship with food- food isn't my enemy, but my sidekick to help me reach my wellness goals. I have learned that spirituality can be expressed in so many ways. I have learned how to be more aware of my finances and how to use my finances to help myself and others. Through tithing, I have seen an abundant amount of opportunities and good energy come my way!

Ruthie Dimagmaliw

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Since working with Surrendered Healing I have founded a clinical consultation group that I love. I Started facilitating mental health workshops for different organizations and colleges. I feel more connected in my relationships and to God and my ancestors. I see my health holistically, feeling what’s truly in my mind, body and soul. I also received a significant raise at work without negotiating — with the same job, responsibilities and hours.

Connie Wun, PhD


"A win I achieved while working with Surrendered Healing is starting AAPI Women Lead, which now has more than 105K followers across social media and has directly served more than 5K people through our trainings, conferences and webinars. My work has also been featured across multiple platforms including NPR, Democracy Now and MSNBC. In addition to multiple awards, I also received the 2021 Excellence in Civil Rights award by the CA API Legislative Caucus and have been recognized by Gold House as one of their 2021 #100 Most Impactful Asians and Pacific Islanders."

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Melissa Josue

"When I started with Surrendered Healing I was feeling really lost and scattered in my business. I felt like giving up because I thought I had done everything and nothing was working in a meaningful way. I was working to the bone, not sleeping enough and working all the time only making enough to cover my expenses and nowhere near profitable!
In less than 6 months of working with Adelina I 10x my business income and nearly doubled my monthly day job income! I still can't believe it! More than the money though, I am grateful to have learned to trust my intuitive voice and be a good "boss" to myself!"

"I have had the privilege of working with Adelina on dream building and it has truly changed my life. I am more positive and seeking to live the  way I would LOVE to live all the time. Adelina is kind, genuine and makes you feel not only safe but also really cared for. "

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Jalima Y.

We get to work with amazing clients and we are so grateful they feel the same way!

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Jeanine Peralta

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