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Align Your Prayer with Your Heart

Sometimes our prayers feel like unanswered calls for help on repeat and this can leave us feeling helpless and tired. In this video, learn step by step how to up-level and align your prayers with your heart's vision and dreams.

Writing To Heal Through Difficulty

There are difficult moments in our lives that impact how we see ourselves and feel about ourselves. In this journaling exercise address a difficult moment in your life and rewrite a positive self narrative for that difficult moment - transform how you see and feel about yourself.

Calling Your
Spirit Back

We've all had busy days that leave us feeling scattered and all over the place. It happens, and it's okay. In this video, learn a new grounding practice that you can take with you wherever you go. Follow the easy steps on how to call your Spirit back to your body and be present in the moment.

A Message
from Spirit

Spirit is always ready to guide us with their messages but often times we miss them because we are so caught up with our day-to-day tasks. We invite you to listen in and connect with Spirit, see what message Spirit has for you. 

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