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“We have all that we need to expand inside of us and our community!"

-Adelina Tancioco

Dear Women of Color,

You don't have to do it alone! This community is for you if you:

You Are Ready to Move

past your fears and take your life and business to the next level!

How long does it take to change your life?

The process begins the moment you join the program! And as you apply each week's lesson, your Life Mastery skills grow. Our six-month curriculum is designed to instruct and support you along the way, as you focus on six different areas of Mastery, one each month.




Accessing the power of your purpose

Experiencing the highest expression of well being

Living from connection with Source


Enhancing your influence and impact



Fostering authentic relationships

Navigating the terrain of greater possibilities

See what our clients have to say...

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Katherine Nasol

"Working with Adelina has been transformative and truly a godsend. I have become aware of the abundance in my life and manifested $1 million dollars for a center I helped create!  Surrendered Healing has made me feel and find joy even in moments of grief and loss."

"I had always been curious about coaching. I chose to work with Adelina due to her authenticity and focus on empowering Women of Color. I appreciate how she helps clients tap into their inherent worth and talents while incorporating ancestral wisdom, intuition, and spirituality. My work with Surrendered Healing helped lead me to a divinely-appointed team of authors; together, we birthed The Filipino Instant Pot Cookbook, which has become a bestseller! I’m grateful to Adelina for fostering more courage and audacity I needed to share my gifts with the world."

Testimonials (12).png

Jeannie Celestial

Christine Nasol

Testimonials (14).png

"Since working with Surrendered Healing I met someone who aligns with my life values, but also wants to create a loving, communicative partnership with me. We are fulfilling so many parts of my Vision, and there is still more to come. Our journey has just started! "

6 Months of Healing and Coaching

The unique Life Mastery six-month program provides tools to help accelerate your progress and enhance your results!

Live Calls

Each week's session is LIVE on zoom where you get to interact with Adelina and your fellow Women of Color group members and receive laser coaching on your burning questions.

Archived Recordings

Have access to archived recordings of every group session.


A complete manual and workbook for the entire course.


Be a part of an intimate Facebook group with current Life Mastery members and Adelina to share wins, challenges, and questions throughout the week.


Different lessons each week will support you in re-aligning with your Intuition and co-manifesting your true calling!


Monthly Q & A calls and masterclasses with guest speakers for Surrendered Healing clients only!


Esmeralda Santos

"With Surrendered Healing, I learned to be intentional and really take ownership of my life and manifest a life of abundance."

This is MY time!

And Let's Not Forget These Great Women of Color...

Adelina Tancioco, MSW, is trained as a mental health & restorative justice practitioner, and certified coach & consultant, however, she most identifies with being a vessel of healing. She has intuitive gifts that have been passed down in her family for generations. She has spent more than half of her life learning from her ancestors and God about how to connect with those who have passed, those who are alive and in pain, and most importantly our own inner knowing. As the founder of Surrendered Healing, she specializes in serving Women of Color who question their inherent deservingness and helps them trust their higher selves to create the abundant businesses and lives they truly deserve!

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