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Adelina Tancioco, MSW

Founder & CEO

Adelina Tancioco, MSW, is trained as a mental health & restorative justice practitioner, and certified coach & consultant, however, she most identifies with being a vessel of healing. She has intuitive gifts that have been passed down in her family for generations. She has spent more than half of her life learning from her ancestors and God about how to connect with those who have passed, those who are alive and in pain, and most importantly our own inner knowing. As the founder of Surrendered Healing, she specializes in serving Women of Color who question their inherent deservingness and helps them trust their higher selves to create the abundant businesses and lives they truly deserve!


Kenia Rodriguez

Creative Director

Kenia Rodriguez, is a youth educator with 10+ years of experience. She is a credentialed teacher and youth development instructor with a MA in Child and Adolescent Psychology. Her belief that young people can thrive when supported and given a safe space has transferred over with her into her role at Surrendered Healing. As Creative Director, Kenia enjoys supporting WOC in deepening their connection with their intuition and pursuing the life of their dreams! 

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