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Adelina Tancioco, MSW

Founder & CEO

Adelina is trained as a mental health & restorative justice practitioner, and certified coach & consultant, however, she most identifies with being a vessel of healing. 


Brie Abes

Online Business Manager

Brie is an online business manager with a passion for conscious business operations. She is a systems and strategy fanatic when it comes to the work she does and loves to integrate practices that reflect mindfulness and intention.

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Carolina Ayala

Social Media Connector

Carolina (Lena)  values being a mother, wife, life-long learner and forever teacher. Helping others find gratitude in their lives is what helps her walk in her purpose.

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Jasmin Ancheta

Graphic Designer

Jasmin is an intuitive creator with a passion for branding.  When she's not geeking out on all things spiritual you can find her conquering escape rooms with friends. 


Kenia Rodriguez

Youth Coach & Virtual Assistant

Kenia is a teacher and counselor. She a loves music and big beautiful trees. She finds laughter to be absolutely rejuvenating and healing, so send her a meme!


Lyn Gabriel

Virtual Assistant

 Lyn is passionate about providing organized business support and is a healer herself! She is a Reiki II Practitioner, and Angel & Lightworker.  

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Maria Paula Ahumada

Confidence Coach

Maria Paula Ahumada, MA, is a dancer, confidence coach, content creator, influencer, and model. She is passionate about empowering Women of Color to reclaim their bodies and tap in to their inner light. She centers dance as a form of resistance and liberation by helping women play and take up space.

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Trina Dilag

Vision Coach

Trina is a youth and social justice advocate. She is passionate about community building, spiritual healing and decolonization.

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