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The healing of the world is inside us as women of color

This event is for you if you:

Are ready to step into your divine power and help other folks do the same.

Know you deserve to make money doing what you love!

Feel most inspired in a community of other powerful women of color and allies

Are ready to claim abundance

and release scarcity

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A message from your host Adelina Tancioco:

$400K! Can you believe this is 10x my income prior to Surrendered Healing? And here’s the thing, it’s not really about the amount of money but about the level of impact that number represents. We’ve served women of color in meeting the love of their lives (think social distance dates!), 10xing their business income (yes you read that right!), healing beyond childhood trauma, becoming more attuned with their body, and so much more! 

I have gotten down on my knees more times than I can count with tears of gratitude streaming down my face thanking God not only for the success of Surrendered Healing, but for the success of all the women of color we have had the honor of serving.

In prayer, I was reminded that our success is not just for Surrendered Healing but is instead meant to be shared (hence this event)! Join us to learn the exact business model we use to have a successful business without a huge social media following (less than 4K followers) or email list (less than 2K). Plus learn directly from our dream team on how to tap into your ancestral support system, brand intuitively, speak from the heart, and so much more

See what past clients have to say: 

MelissaJosue-45_opt - Melissa Josue.jpg

Melissa Josue

"When I started with Surrendered Healing I was feeling really lost and scattered in my business. I felt like giving up because I thought I had done everything and nothing was working in a meaningful way. I was working to the bone, not sleeping enough and working all the time only making enough to cover my expenses and nowhere near profitable! In less than 6 months of working with Adelina I 10x my business income and nearly doubled my monthly day job income! I still can't believe it! More than the money though, I am grateful to have learned to trust my intuitive voice and be a good "boss" to myself!"

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Connie Wun, PhD

"A win I achieved while working with Surrendered Healing is starting AAPI Women Lead, which now has more than 105K followers across social media and has directly served more than 5K people through our trainings, conferences and webinars. My work has also been featured across multiple platforms including NPR, Democracy Now and MSNBC. In addition to multiple awards, I also received the 2021 Excellence in Civil Rights award by the CA API Legislative Caucus and have been recognized by Gold House as one of their 2021 #100 Most Impactful Asians and Pacific Islanders. Another win is that I fell in love with a remarkable woman. I have been able to embrace my queer Vietnamese woman identity, which brings me immense joy and ease. Adelina inspired me to tap into what I have always known and she reminds me of my power, my strengths, and my purpose. This knowledge lets me know that when and because I am in alignment, I am unstoppable."

Testimonials (17).png

Camille A.

"Through working with SH I’ve started earning 5-figure months in my healing business, I met and fell in love with my soul partner, just starred in a short film with a majority Filipino cast, perform standup comedy all over CA, and co-launched a WOC owned entertainment company!"

This training is about to be L-I-T!


Utilizing our 3-pillar framework (Intuition, Identity, & Impact) we will be teaching you how to:

  • Call in your dream clients with intuitive branding

  • Build on the strength and messages from your ancestors 

  • Tap into your inner knowledge to move with confidence 

  • Support your clients through flow instead of push energy and so much more!

Check out what we have in store for you...

Grounding into the Now

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with Jasmin

During our grounding session, we will meditate, and clear our energy of what no longer serves us as we recenter and reground into the present moment. Connect with your mind, body, and intuition as you set your sacred intention for our time together. After our grounding session, you will feel relaxed, present and light.

About the facilitator:
Jasmin is an experienced yoga teacher with a passion for both holistic healing and design. She offers meditation, journaling, sound healing and oracle readings. She is also a graphic designer and consultant, who supports conscious entrepreneurs in creating a brand that attracts their ideal clients.

Tap into Your Ancestral Support System

Screen Shot 2021-12-13 at 4.55.31 PM.png

with Trina Dilag

It is not a secret that our systems today - colonization, patriarchy, supremacy, capitalism - have separated us from our roots and indigenous wisdom. Who are my ancestors? What were their wishes of their descendants? How does their lives affect mine today? In this session you will connect with ancestors who have your highest good in mind, honor their memory, and receive guidance to move deeper in our purpose. Connecting with Spirit, intuition, Universe & our ancestors is our birthright. To grow in relationship in these ways have always been second nature. We are spiritual beings having a human experience after all. Now is the time to remember who we come from and reclaim ancestral connection to guide us into the world we are being called to create.
About the facilitator:
Trina is a youth and social justice advocate from SF, CA who is passionate about community building, spiritual healing, and decolonizing catholicism. Between raising a family and serving her community, Trina enjoys tending to her 50+ plant children, meditating or crafting. Trina's purpose in life has led her to invest almost two decades in building thriving community programs for young people.

Move Forward with Confidence 

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with Maria Paula

How many of us can say that we feel confident in who we are every day? We often think that confidence is a destination, when it is really a practice. In this signature dance workshop we will tap in to the practice of confidence through movement. Maria Paula will share her practice of moving with intention, so that you can live a more playful and powerful life. Participants will feel connected to their bodies and will leave feeling empowered, confident, energized, and alive!

About the facilitator: Maria is a dancer, confidence coach, and content creator. She helps women reclaim their bodies through dance. By empowering women to play and take up space through movement she helps them take their confidence to the next level. She loves to use dance as a way to honor her ancestors and let her inner child play! 

Intuitive Branding

with Jasmin Ancheta

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Learn how to manifest your dream clients through clear branding. Jasmin will walk us through different branding exercises to help you get clear on what your brand is, and who your dream clients are. Find your brand voice, market your business in a way that feels good for you and align yourself with the clients you would LOVE to work with. 

About the facilitator: Jasmin is an experienced yoga teacher with a passion for both holistic healing and design. She offers meditation, journaling, sound healing and oracle readings. She is also a UI designer and consultant, who supports conscious entrepreneurs in creating a brand that attracts their ideal clients through intuitive design and intuitive branding.

Divinely Aligned Client Panel

We have the honor of serving incredible women of color! These women from different backgrounds and are walking their own, unique paths. But by saying yes to themselves, they have served their communities and are healing themselves and those around them! We are so excited to have a few of them joining us!







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See what past attendees have to say: 

Screen Shot 2022-03-04 at 11.31.37 AM.png

Amanda I.

"WOW! ... From the beginning, it was apparent that we were in for a treat. Adelina is an exceptional speaker and was very engaging the entire time. Not only that but she had some killer content that truly made me take pause and reflect on my life and what I really want from it. Overall, this was a fantastic event!"

Screen Shot 2022-03-04 at 10.40.52 AM.png

Leslie C.

"Adelina from Surrendered Healing is a spiritual life coach, intuitive healer, motivational speaker and more. She is living her calling and helping women live their best lives. She provided a session today to help us discover our purpose and calling."


Ann T.

"So many pearls of wisdom throughout the night. Dream beyond the present circumstance and not just with what is possible. The metaphor with the paradigm and the thermostat put so much into perspective for me."

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