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"We are born to dream"

- Adelina Tancioco

Surrendered Healing has been serving Women of Color for more than six years now. Our clients have said time and time again that it was through our programs that they felt they could believe in their dreams again. Because somewhere down the line, society told them to give up on their dreams.

But as we know from a young age, we are born to dream.

Surrendered Healing is excited to now support this gift at a critical time in life when we’re most vulnerable to the world’s pressure but also have the most potential for transformation. We’re talking about that special time called TEENHOOD.

Embrace Your Gift is a FREE eight-week, virtual program supporting Girls of Color ages 14-16 in defining, designing, testing, and living their dreams. This is a space to plant those seeds and prepare, cultivate, and weed the soil that’ll give their dreams the best chance of growing into a life they would love. 

Our 8-week program is designed to support participants as they focus on these areas:


Love &







We know that a dream life is not only possible but what our girls deserve. 

Is this you?


Or do you know a girl in your life who would love this? 

Our inaugural cohort begins in March 2022. 

 Thanks to our generous donors, every girl accepted into this upcoming cohort receives a $200 stipend!

Kenia is a shy extrovert and a lover of music and big beautiful trees. She absolutely loves regional Mexican music, banda! The sounds of the instruments playing gift her so much joy and happiness. She loves cooking and enjoys expressing her love to family and friends through food. She finds laughter to be absolutely rejuvenating and healing, so send her a meme!

Kenia also comes with 10+ years of experience in youth development and child and adolescent psychology, doing everything from leading the girls empowerment group La Voz de la Mujer, to teaching, to providing counseling and case management services. In all her work with youth, she has always kept at the forefront that youth are beyond capable of accomplishing all that they desire when given the support they need and a safe space to be heard and understood.

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